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Warwick Music Group has presented a number of teacher training and professional development days across the world. You can watch them again below:

Introducing the pBuzz into the General Music Classroom
(Webinar, September 2017)

The pBuzz is an incredible new instrument for all ages that matches perfectly with all the other instrumental music you incorporate in your elementary program. The pBuzz qualifies for the 2017 TMEA Grant. Jenny Dees and Keith Dye will be leading you through an engaging demonstration and discussion. We will share experiences, material and be ready to answer your questions. Melissa Blum from West Music will also join. Beyond the promotional offer for a classroom set – Melissa will help with questions to make your grant application a success.

Progression in Brass Learning through Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 3
(Music Mark North West Teachers Conference, September 2017)

Chris Fower explores progression in brass learning through KS1-3 including:

– When and how best to introduce brass skills and what these skills might be, with particular emphasis on large group and whole class learning
– Exploring the key, core skills needed to form a foundation for brass learning
– Reflect and review how to organise and accredit early skills development
– Our instruments and the educational reasoning behind their construction and design
– How pInstruments provide a coherent progressive pathway in brass learning
– Map the importance of successful outcomes in foundation skills for future success
– An opportunity to focus on the delivery of early instrumental skills in the language of music
– Discussion about existing practice and sharing both success and challenge in this area

Introducing Brass Playing into the General Music Classroom
(School District of Philadelphia, August 2017)

Enrich your classroom offering with the world of brass playing. Through pBuzz, you will understand the basic principles of brass playing and directly correlate these skills into your existing knowledge and experience of recorders, boomwhackers, ukuleles, singing. Your students will quickly achieve an authentic buzz, see and hear the relationship of pitch to length, and sing/buzz/play at pitch with differentiation – and, of course have fun too!

Exploring Creativity in Music to grow the base of brass players
(School District of Philadelphia, August 2017)

Experience the passion, desire and drive of the British pioneers behind pBone, pTrumpet and pBuzz – the progressive pathway of instruments that grow the base of brass players and improve continuation throughout your programs. The session will include:

– Discussion of the basic pedagogy of brass playing
– How pInstruments nurture a coherent and progressive pathway in brass learning
– Engage in creative music practice that unlocks great brass technique learning in an informal setting.

Adding pBone to your Modern Band Ensemble
(Little Kids Rock Rockfest, July 2017)

Quickly add a horn section to your modern rock band by attending this session! The forces combine to bring you the maker of the pBone and method from a Chicago classroom, where pBones delight hundreds of students each week. You will learn proper technique of a pBone, while using the modern band method to quickly give access to your students so they can rock in no time. Plus, play along tracks will be available so you can quickly understand how to implement the horn into current little kids rock song charts. So try something new or brush up on your old horn chops cause you’ll be rocking in no time on pBone.

A New Instrument for Learning and Fun in Elementary Music: Meet the pBuzz (TMEA, February 2017)

Learn and get hands-on experience with this new, fun addition to the world of elementary musical instruments—the pBuzz. The pBuzz brings a new level of student engagement with musical instruments unlike anything before. Gain fresh and exciting ways to enhance aural skills, physical coordination, music literacy, improvisation and more. Clinicians will engage the audience by having 50–60 instruments available to try.

Little Kids Rock, Rockfest (July 2017)

Little Kids Rock invited Warwick Music Group to present and participate in the 2017 Rockfest for Modern Band in Fort Collins, Colorado from the 28th to the 31st of July. In total about 400 music educators and administrators attended the conference. David Wish, the LKR Founder, and his team have already achieved exceptional results since 2002. LKR has worked in over 2300 schools, donated over 75,000 instruments and now operates in 200 Districts in 37 States.

On Friday we were able to join the Higher Education Workshop and District Arts Supervisor meetings. Chris introduced the pBuzz and over 25 participants played the instrument during the session. At the poster session on Sunday we teachers could discover the full range and potential of pInstruments. On Sunday, “Adding pBone to your Modern Band Ensemble” workshop was scheduled to be held by Melisa Rutkelis (CPS Chicago) and Chris Fower. Whilst only 35 delegates registered for the session, 62 came along on the day! Chris had the room bursting with pBuzz in the first 10min. Each of the sixty-two participants played pBone & pBuzz and left with their own pBuzz, you can imagine how the hallways sounded after our session.


These materials are aimed at 6-7 years old but are suitable for children from 5-8 years old. The four-session plan creates a beginning in brass knowledge along with a concert performance. The key learning objectives include left from right, pulse and pitch along with performance skills.
The scheme is largely informal in that no written material is used from the pupil’s perspective and most skills are delivered through a listening activity.
Below is a link to a 10 minute film explaining the plan alongside a film of the performance and reactions from parents, teachers and pupils.

How to Hold a pCircle (Presentation & Videos)

This presentation is a blow-by-blow guide to presenting the pBone circle plan. It includes video examples from a variety of practitioners work around the world, each making the concept into their own, using largely informal practice.

pBone mini

The pBone mini guides are designed to create a starter pack into the world of brass playing. Aimed at independent learners, probably a child supported by an adult, these guides blend informal and formal instrumental learning practice including early brass technique with key musical learning objectives and musical notation. Backing tracks and video are available to download in support of these guides. The guides are both in bass clef, concert and in Eb treble to fit with UK brass band learning patterns.


  • pBone Circle Plan [PDF] – this plan was created for the NAMM Foundation pBone circles and is a basic introduction into both informal learning style and a first access to brass experience. The circle can be tuned to suit learners of all ages and is usable on pTrumpets and pBone minis but not pBuzz.
  • Just Play Trombone Treble Clef Brass [PDF] – this teaching resource has been designed for both small group and whole class teaching. It is divided into “steps” rather than weekly lessons as groups of children learn at different rates
  • 10 Week pBone Program [PDF] – using the style of the circle plan this plan maps how, through informal learning and the deep use of simple musical materials, music curriculum objectives could be delivered over 10, once a week sessions.
  • Year Program [PDF] – this document discusses the broader issues of how a program might develop using informal brass learning to deliver curriculum learning over an academic year via a broadly informal learning pathway.


  • pTrumpet for Educators [PDF] – this presentation provides a context for the use of pTrumpet in an education setting, including the history of pTrumpet development and a general view of education uses. [Deutsch]
  • Just Play Treble Clef Brass [PDF] – this teaching resource has been designed for both small group and whole class teaching. It is divided into “steps” rather than weekly lessons as groups of children learn at different rates

NEW! Doe mee met mr pBone (Dutch) / Join mr pBone (English)
mrpbonelogoMark Boonstra aka mr pBone has created a series of resources in Dutch including backing tracks and videos entitled “A musical adventure in 8 interactive music lessons”


Whole Class Teaching Resources

Just Play Treble Clef Brass [PDF] l Trombone Treble Clef [PDF] – this teaching resource has been designed for both small group and whole class teaching. It is divided into “steps” rather than weekly lessons as groups of children learn at different rates.

charltonKay Charlton – Welcome to Are You Ready?

Thirteen tunes in a variety of styles, with lyrics, actions and space for improvisation and copy-backs. Starting with simple 1-2 note tunes, and moving on to 4-5 note tunes, this book will aid creative music making and progression for whole class ensemble teaching.

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marvelsMatt Kingston & Steve Legge – Music Marvels

A great book for beginners! 50 fun-packed pages that will start you on your way to being a Music Marvel! Along the way you’ll compose your first tune, discover music from around the world, and play in a band with your friends.

There are plenty of online resources available to access online

You can also buy the fully interactive online version of this book

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